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Artist Biography

For many years Angelo Calamuso has served horsemen in horse show circles with his remarkable ability to render portraits of their beloved animals. His talent to capture their likeness, beauty and charm has awarded him the status as one of the most popular equine artists in the New York metropolitan area.

Angelo's interest in horses and art began at a very early age. As a young boy, his art teacher recognized his artistic talent along with his inclination to include an equine image in nearly every one of his drawings. Those early childhood horse renderings marked the beginning of what would become a lifelong love affair with equine art and with his eventual medium of choice - the pastel.

Angelo received very little in the way of formalized art training in his formative years as a fledging artist. Basically self taught, his schooling was limited to a correspondence course with the Famous Art School, which at the time, was staffed by one of Angelo's long time idols - Norman Rockwell. Thanks in part to this school and his determination to excel as an artist, Angelo's reputation began to grow within horsemen circles and the equine art community.

Angelo's career continued to build in notoriety when in 1991, he received the honor of painting and presenting a portrait depicting his long time idol Norman Rockwell for the ground breaking ceremony of the museum built in Rockwell's name. Given Angelo's long time admiration and respect for Rockwell, the event remains a career highlight for the artist to this day.

Many decades into his profession, the artist's artwork now adorns the walls of some the country's best known celebrities and businessmen - namely the late Jackie Onasis, former Warner Bros. President, Chairman and CEO - Steven Ross, and the Riggio family of Barnes and Noble fame. Along with these notables, Angelo has also been commissioned by hundreds of riding professionals such as USET members Ann Gribbons, Linda Smith and four time national jumping champion Harry DeLeyer.

To this day, the show ring is where many of his commissions are generated but the polo field and race track also account for much of his work. Should you possess an interest in becoming one of Angelo Calamuso's commissioned based clients, we invite you to visit the 'commissions' and 'contact us' sections of this site for more information about the artist and the commissioning process.